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Tablecloths - Natural Burlap
Natural Burlap Tablecloths


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• 100% jute fibers.
• Rectangle, Oval, Square, and Round.
• Made in the U.S.A.

Good old natural burlap tablecloths.

Corner Shape: Standard or Rounded for Rectangle or Square. Standard for Rectangle or Square will be regular pointed corners. Standard for round and oval is rounded. The Corner Shape option is primarily to give you the choice of Rectangles or Squares with rounded off points.

Custom Sizing: We can make almost any size in about the same time it takes to make our standard sizes. Contact us for a quote.

Edge Stitching: Our Natural Burlap tablecloths come with serged edges. A serge is a tight stitch along the edge.

Fabric Content: 100% Jute. No artificial anything. Edges closed with a strong serge stitch.

Fabric Width & Seams: The fabric used to make our Natural Burlap tablecloths cloths is 48” wide — usually. A 120” round tablecloth, for example, will be made from a 48” center piece, and two 36” pieces sewn on the left and right to complete the size. Sometimes the fabric width will vary from 44” wide to 60” wide.

Return Policy: Returns accepted only if we made a mistake on your order. Each order is made special. For details, click on the Shipping & Returns link at the bottom of the website, under Helpful Links.

Shipping info: Usually ship in one business day. Can sometimes ship out the same day, if order is place before 10 AM Eastern Time on a business day. Best to contact us for rush deliveries.

Sizes & Shape: Shapes listed are Rectangle, Oval, Round and Square. 54x72 inch Rectangle, 54x96 inch Rectangle, 60x90 inch Rectangle, 60x108 inch Rectangle, 60x120 inch Rectangle, 60x126 inch Rectangle, 60x144 inch Rectangle, 72x108 inch Rectangle, 72x120 inch Rectangle, 72x144 inch Rectangle, 90x120 inch Rectangle, 90x132 inch Rectangle, 90x156 inch Rectangle, 54x72 inch Oval, 54x96 inch Oval, 60x90 inch Oval, 60x108 inch Oval, 60x120 inch Oval, 60x126 inch Oval, 60x144 inch Oval, 72x108 inch Oval, 72x120 inch Oval, 72x144 inch Oval, 90x120 inch Oval, 90x132 inch Oval, 90x156 inch Oval, 108x132 inch Oval, 108x156 inch Oval, 30 inch Round, 48 inch Round, 60 inch Round, 72 inch Round, 84 inch Round, 90 inch Round, 96 inch Round, 102 inch Round, 108 inch Round, 114 inch Round, 120 inch Round, 126 inch Round, 132 inch Round, 30x30 inch Square, 45x45 inch Square, 54x54 inch Square, 60x60 inch Square, 72x72 inch Square, 84x84 inch Square, 90x90 inch Square, 96x96 inch Square, 108x108 inch Square, 120x120 inch Square, 132x132 inch Square.

Swatches: We offer one free swatch before you place your order. Contact us via email, or call toll free, with your name and address. You can also purchase swatches of all our fabrics by going to the swatch section of the website.

Umbrella Hole: You can add a 3" diameter umbrella hole to your tablecloth. Hole is sewn around the edges.

Umbrella Hole & Velcro Opening: Add a 3" diameter umbrella hole and a Velcro attachable opening to your tablecloth. Cloth is slit from the center to the edge--then sewn along the edge and velcro added. Remove the cloth without having to remove the umbrella.

Wash Instructions: BURLAP IS DIFFICULT TO WASH! One suggestion is to use the gentle cycle on the washing machine, warm water and dry on medium heat. It will shrink some and you will have to clean your washer and dryer because pieces will come off. Clean your lint track. You will then have to iron the burlap piece if you want a pressed look. Iron on cotton setting. Still, these wash instructions will not guarantee that the burlap will not fray or wrinkle. Burlap is not a fabric as much as it is a woody plant. Some customers simply wipe it down and hang it out to dry. BURLAP CAN OFTEN HAVE A STRONG ORGANIC ODOR. Washing sometimes will reduce the odor.


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