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Swatches - Natural Burlap
Swatches Natural Burlap


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• Natural burlap.
• 100% jute fibers.
• Made in the U.S.A.

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Colors: Natural beige.

Custom Options: We can make almost any size and shape out of the fabrics we list.

Fabric Content: 100% jute. Jute is a vegetable fiber spun into threads - part textile, part wood.

Fabric Width: Varies from 44 inches wide up to 60” wide. Wider pieces, say a 120” round tablecloth, will have attachments sewn on the left and right sides to complete the size.

Wash Instructions: BURLAP IS DIFFICULT TO WASH! One suggestion is to use the gentle cycle on the washing machine, warm water and dry on medium heat. It will shrink some and you will have to clean your washer and dryer because pieces will come off. Clean your lint track. You will then have to iron the burlap piece if you want a pressed look. Iron on cotton setting. Still, these wash instructions will not guarantee that the burlap will not fray or wrinkle. Burlap is not a fabric as much as it is a woody plant. Some customers simply wipe it down and hang it out to dry. BURLAP CAN OFTEN HAVE A STRONG ORGANIC ODOR. Washing sometimes will reduce the odor.

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