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Tablecloths - Basic Poly - Custom Sizing
Tablecloths Flame Resistant Basic Poly

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• Pick your size.
• 100% easy-care polyester.
• Made in the U.S.A.

Custom-sized tablecloths made from our most dependable Basic Poly fabric.

Enter the shape and size of your table top, plus how much you would like the cloth to drape, and we will calculate the exact size you need. Instructions below.

How to order a Custom Size

#1 Choose Shape.

Choose from among our four shapes: Rectangle, Oval, Round and Square.
When you choose Shape, the Size drop down menu appears.

#2 Choose Custom Size.

The first item in the Size drop down menu is Custom Size. Choose Custom Size.

#3 Enter Dimensions.

Rectangles or Ovals.

If you have chosen Rectangle or Oval shape, then drop down menus for Table Length, Table Drop, and Tablecloth Drop should appear. Enter how long your table top is. This is the measurement of the table, not the tablecloth. Next enter how wide the table top is. Then how much you would like the table cloth to drop over the sides, all the way around. Click the question mark next to the Tablecloth Drop menu to see suggested drop sizes.


If you have chosen Round shape, then the drop down menus for Table Diameter and Tablecloth Drop will appear. Enter the diameter of your table. This is the measurement down the middle of your table top. This is not the dimension of the tablecloth. Next enter how much you would like the tablecloth to drop over the sides, all the way around. Click the question mark next to the Tablecloth Drop menu to see suggested drop sizes.


If you have chosen Square shape, then the drop down menus for Table Length and Width and Tablecloth Drop will appear. Enter the length and width of your table. This is the size of your table. This is not the dimension of the tablecloth. Next enter how much you would like the tablecloth to drop over the sides, all the way around. Click the question mark next to the Tablecloth Drop menu to see suggested drop sizes.

#4 Receiving your Custom Size and Price.

Once you enter the dimensions, the website will then figure the price of your custom size. When you go to the shopping cart and checkout, you will see what the final size of the tablecloth will be.

Colors: Acid Green, Aqua, Army Green, Aubergine, Black, Brick, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Café, Camel, Caribbean, Charcoal, Cherry Red, Chocolate, Cobalt, Copper, Coral, Cornsilk, Deep Royal Blue, Dusty Rose, Emerald, Espresso, Forest Green, Gold, Goldenrod, Holiday Red, Honey, Hot Pink, Hunter Green, Ice Blue, Ice Peach, Ice Pink, Ivory, Jade, Kelly Green, Lagoon, Lemon, Light Blue, Light Pink, Lilac, Lime, Magenta, Maize, Mauve, Midnight Blue, Mint, Moss, Navy Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Olive, Orange, Oyster, Peach, Periwinkle, Pink Balloon, Plum, Purple, Raspberry, Royal Blue, Ruby, Sage, Seamist, Silver, Slate, Tan, Teal, Terra Cotta, Toast, Turquoise, Watermelon, Wedgewood, and White.

Corner Shape: Standard or Rounded. Standard for Rectangle or Square will be regular pointed corners. Standard for round and oval is rounded. The Corner Shape option is primarily to give you the choice of Rectangles or Squares with rounded off points.

Custom Options: We list a few custom options but have several more. Here are a few: hemmed or serged edges, umbrella hole or umbrella hole with Velcro opening, cording or welts of various widths and or fabrics along the bottoms, different colors of thread for serged edges, border trim, combinations of fabrics or colors like our multi-colored Beachball tablecloths, endless fitted sizes, grommet holes, slit openings, two-ply cloths and much more. Contact us with a request.

Edge Stitching: Two options for edge stitching: Serged or Hemmed. Serged is a tight stitch along the edge. Hemmed is when the edge of the fabric is folded over and sewn down. There is an extra charge for hemming. A picture of both edges is provided above.

Fabric Content: 100% polyester. Professional quality. Resist fading, shrinking, stains, wear & tear & wrinkles. Better than most retail store or website table linens.

Fabric Width & Seams: The fabric used to make our basic poly tablecloths cloths is 132” wide, usually. So a cloth as large as 132” round can be made without seamed attachments. Sometimes 132” wide fabric is not available and 72” or 60” wide will be used. A 120” round tablecloth made from a 72” wide piece of fabric will have a 72” center and a 24” piece sewn on the right and left to complete the size.

Return Policy: Returns accepted only if we made a mistake on your order. Please click the Shipping & Returns link at the bottom of each webpage, under Helpful Links, to read the details. We can send you three small fabric swatches for free, and consult you on size and fabric before you place an order.

Shipping info: Fast shipping. Orders usually ship in one business day. Can sometimes take two business days to go out. Best to contact us for rush orders.

Standard Listed Sizes: Shapes listed are Rectangle, Oval, Round and Square. 42x60 inch Rectangle, 54x72 inch Rectangle, 54x84 inch Rectangle, 54x96 inch Rectangle, 60x90 inch Rectangle, 60x108 inch Rectangle, 60x120 inch Rectangle, 60x126 inch Rectangle, 60x132 inch Rectangle, 60x144 inch Rectangle, 60x156 inch Rectangle, 72x96 inch Rectangle, 72x108 inch Rectangle, 72x120 inch Rectangle, 72x132 inch Rectangle, 72x144 inch Rectangle, 72x156 inch Rectangle, 72x176 inch Rectangle, 72x196 inch Rectangle, 72x216 inch Rectangle, 90x108 inch Rectangle, 90x120 inch Rectangle, 90x132 inch Rectangle, 90x156 inch Rectangle, 90x176 inch Rectangle, 90x216 inch Rectangle, 108x132 inch Rectangle, 108x156 inch Rectangle, 42x60 inch Oval, 54x72 inch Oval, 54x84 inch Oval, 54x96 inch Oval, 60x90 inch Oval, 60x108 inch Oval, 60x120 inch Oval, 60x132 inch Oval, 60x144 inch Oval, 60x156 inch Oval, 72x96 inch Oval, 72x108 inch Oval, 72x120 inch Oval, 72x132 inch Oval, 72x144 inch Oval, 72x156 inch Oval, 72x176 inch Oval, 72x196 inch Oval, 72x216 inch Oval, 90x108 inch Oval, 90x120 inch Oval, 90x132 inch Oval, 90x156 inch Oval, 90x176 inch Oval, 90x196 inch Oval, 90x216 inch Oval,108x132 inch Oval, 108x156 inch Oval, 30 inch Round, 48 inch Round, 60 inch Round, 72 inch Round, 84 inch Round, 90 inch Round, 96 inch Round, 102 inch Round, 108 inch Round, 114 inch Round, 120 inch Round, 126 inch Round, 132 inch Round, 144 inch Round, 156 inch Round, 30x30 inch Square, 45x45 inch Square, 54x54 inch Square, 60x60 inch Square, 72x72 inch Square, 84x84 inch Square, 90x90 inch Square, 96x96 inch Square, 108x108 inch Square, 120x120 inch Square, 132x132 inch Square, 144x144 inch Square, 156x156 inch Square.

Swatches: We offer three free swatches before you place your order. Contact us by email at info@tableclothworld.com, or call toll free 1 (866) 532-0276, with your name and address and the colors you would like to see. To purchase a complete swatch card, click our swatches section near the top of the webpage, or enter Basic Poly Swatch card in the search box.

Umbrella Hole: You can add a 3" diameter umbrella hole to your tablecloth. Hole is sewn around the edges. Contact us if you would like a smaller or larger opening.

Umbrella Hole & Velcro Opening: Add a 3" diameter umbrella hole and a Velcro attachable opening to your tablecloth. Cloth is slit from the center to the edge--then sewn along the edge and velcro added. Remove the cloth without having to remove the umbrella.

Wash Instructions: Easy-care. Machine wash and dry. Warm or Cold water wash. Rinse on cool/permanent press cycle. Standard or mild detergent for color polyesters. Avoid high alkaline level. No bleach, unless necessary for whites. Tumble dry, low heat with cool down cycle. Remove promptly from dryer. Do not over-dry. Grease, lipstick and sauces might require spot removers. Do not let spots set overnight without treatment.

Email: info@tableclothworld.com
Call Toll Free: 1 (866) 532-0276