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Tablecloths - Vinyl Check Elastic Grip - 5 Colors
Vinyl Check Tablecloths Elastic Grip

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• 5 check colors.
• Easy-clean.
• Made in the U.S.A.

Vinyl Check tablecloths with an elasticized edge – to grip and hold under your table top. Made for round tables. Professional-grade, flannel-backed Vinyl. 3-mil gauge. Contact us for a custom fit. SIZES LISTED TO MATCH THE DIAMETER OF YOUR TABLE TOP. WE ADD 3" ALL AROUND TO GRIP UNDERNEATH. PLEASE ORDER FREE SWATCHES AHEAD OF TIME!

Cleaning: VINYL is waterproof but it CAN STAIN. Take precautions against staining by cleaning off spills immediately. Wash down with water and a mild detergent. Dry with a towel. Do not wash or dry in a machine.
These are not all-weather tarps to be left outside for long periods of time. They are for eating. Weather will damage them and moisture on the flannel backing will result in mildew.

Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, and Red.

Custom Sizing: We can make almost any size in about the same time it takes to make our standard sizes. Email or call for a quote.

Fabric Content: 6 mil gauge restaurant-quality vinyl with flannel backing. Better than most retail vinyl tablecloths.

Fabric Width & Seams: Fabric comes 54" wide. Sizes 54" wide or less will be seamless. Wider sizes will require attachments. A 120" round, for example, will have a 54" center piece, with 33" pieces sewn on the left and right to complete the size. Fabric is attached professionally.

Return Policy: Returns accepted only if we made a mistake on your order. Each order is made special. Ask for two free sample fabric swatches before placing order. For details, click on the Shipping & Returns link at the bottom of the website, under Helpful Links.

Shipping info: Orders are shipping out in 1 week to 15 days. There might still be delays because of the crisis.

Sizes & Shapes: 20 inch Round, 24 inch Round, 30 inch Round, 36 inch Round, 42 inch Round, 48 inch Round, 54 inch Round, 60 inch Round, 64 inch Round, 70 inch Round, 80 inch Round, 90 inch Round, 96 inch Round, 114 inch Round, and 120 inch Round. SIZES INCLUDED TO MATCH THE DIAMETER OF YOUR TABLE TOP. WE ADD 3 INCHES ALL AROUND TO THE DIAMETER LISTED, TO REACH AND GRIP UNDER THE TABLE TOP. CONTACT US FOR A SIZE NOT LISTED.

Swatches: We offer two free swatches before you place your order. Contact us via email, or call toll free, with your name and address and the colors you would like to see. To view all 5 colors, purchase a complete swatch card by going to our swatch section on the website, or contact us.

Umbrella Hole: Add a 3" diameter umbrella hole your elastic grip tablecloth. Umbrella hole is sewn along the edges.

Umbrella Hole & Velcro Opening: We can add a 3" diameter umbrella hole and a Velcro opening and closure to your tablecloth. Cloth is slit from the center to the edge, then sewn along the edge and velcro added. You can then remove the cloth without having to remove the umbrella.

Wrinkles & Folds: Wrinkles and folds usually work themselves out if the cloth is set on the table for a few days at room temperature. In extreme cases when this doesn't work, you can use warm air from a hair dryer on low setting.

Email: info@tableclothworld.com
Call Toll Free: 1 (866) 532-0276